Data Center

Data Center

Are you aware that an international standard exists for cleanliness levels in data centers?

With the rapid increase of cloud computing, managed services and co-location, customers want a guarantee that the environment which houses their critical data or equipment is clean enough not to cause a risk to their operation.  Increasingly, the IT industry considers data centers to be controlled environments and has begun referencing ISO 14644. Demonstrating compliance to this standard assures yourself and others that you are applying industry best practices to your IT environment.

QV Test’s comprehensive cleanroom and controlled environment testing and certification services coupled with our technical expertise and regulatory knowledge will ensure the critical environments are performing in accordance with current standards, regulations, and customer quality specifications.

  • Cleanroom Testing and Certification

 To show that a cleanroom is working satisfactorily, it is necessary to demonstrate that the following principles have been satisfied:

‐ The air supplied to the cleanroom is of sufficient quantity to dilute or remove the contamination generated in the room.

‐ The air supplied to the cleanroom is of a quality that will not add significantly to the contamination within the room.

‐ The air within the cleanroom suite moves from clean to less‐clean areas to minimize the undesirable movement of contaminated air. Air should move in the correct direction through doorways and the construction fabrics of the room.

‐ The air movement within the cleanroom should ensure that there are no areas within the room with high concentrations of contamination.


 QV test offers the following:

Primary Tests are related to the airborne particulate cleanliness class as required by ISO 14644.  By performing these tests, the cleanroom will be correctly classified to the appropriate class level.

-  Airflow Velocity and Uniformity Tests

- Airflow Volume and Uniformity Tests

- Air Change Rate (ACH) Tests

- HEPA Filter Installation Leak Tests

- Airborne Particle Count Cleanliness Classification Tests

- Room Pressurization Test

Secondary Tests are user optional and relate to particle, air movement, and ancillary systems within the cleanroom.

-  Airflow Smoke Pattern Tests

-  Recovery Tests

- Lighting Level and Uniformity Tests

- Temperature and Humidity Uniformity Tests

  • Environmental Control Unit Testing: Data Center, Data Room, Computer Room

  Temperature and humidity are important factors in the stability of temperature/ humidity sensitive information technology equipment. Maintaining environmental conditions conducive to computing is therefore critical.

   QV Test offers the following:
Temperature Mapping Studies / Temperature & Humidity Mapping Studies.